Welcome to Political Advocacy Groups

Welcome to Political Advocacy Groups! This site is designed to highlight organizations that lobby Congress on behalf of their issue areas. Use the Issue Areas link above to find groups based on issues of interest to you.

PAG is in transition at this point. The editors are in final data collection stages, and they will be determining a group of "top" political advocacy groups to profile on the site.

We envision the new edition of Political Advocacy Groups as a revitalized tool for citizens, students, and scholars alike. Currently, we are busy gathering data for more than 1000 interest groups that represent social causes, trade organizations, unions, and professional groups. By examining the visibility of organizations at Congressional hearings or in the media, their operating budgets and disclosed lobbying expenses, and tax status, we plan to arrive at a list of "top interest groups" in Congressional politics. We plan to launch our new list soon.

Bear with us while we transition.